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We are selling an order of one Bajabaru Kit It will look much different than what we have build as we have been working on a new rendition of our car already.

The project will be full constructed of docol and sinex steel this is a harder material than 4130 and is twice as ductile and dose not have heat affected carbon zones. No joke we will build you a 100k car for 50k we have built a good repore over 10 years, and would like to find a good customer to work with on a high end Subaru buggy, as many know this number is small if we switch to king shocks and some other higher end parts price goes up and up. But out main focus is a high end moderate fab level kit.

The build we are working on right now is for a new redesigned set up that will be using shocks and bypass shocks on all 4 corners, this will not be full bolt on as the new tower will need extensive tie in to the frame and cage for safty and performance this is where the labor comes in to play. We have the only 4.86 sti gear ratios coming to spin our awd 33″ tires and we can re gear any diff for Rwd applications. Any addition will have to be funded by customer we will work on building a body kit and other parts with them if that is there wishes. This kit will be almost complete except wheels and tires, we will have 24″ wheel travel and this will be in the top of its class as a 5000 lb buggy with ac and all the amenity’s of your stock wrx or sti. We would like to consult any one interested in this project over the phone or in person you will not get much better bang for the buck. For your doner car for this project we ask that awd be sti 6 speed and Rwd be ether but prefer sti box we will also be happy to sell my personal car in this as we have a salvage title 2008 STI with 90k in great shape for an added $14000.

Steering box with E assist with linkage. 2100
Upper A arms 450
Lower A arms 900
Knuckles pair front 800
Front hubs 160
Front brakes 4 piston, rotors calipers and plumbing 400
Front subframe 1300
Upper frame and shock tower 1000
Cv axles and trans adapters Awd only 0/1400
Knuckles 800
Rear hubs 160
Rear brakes rotors and plumbing 400
Upper A arm 900
Lower arms 450
Trailing link and mount 350
Cv axles 1000
Rear subframe with all mounting 1500
Rear diff rwd with oem diff or AWD winters rear end 400/3500
Drive line 400
Rwd welded diff for RWD only 300
Awd 4.86 Awd only 1500
shocks assesories
4 2.5″ 16″ coilover resivoir with springs 1800
4 2.5″ 16″ Bypass shocks 1600
Bump stops 500
Under chassis to tie frames and reinfoce the car 1500
front bumper stinger lights skid 1200
rear bumper 900
Roll cage for 4 pasingers 5000
Labor 175 hours at 45 an hr overages will be free under hours will be reimbursed. 7875

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