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First off there are 3 main options 2 peace, Solid and Solid Drift, The first is our oldest style arm based on 2 peace arms from European rally heydays this arm offers a huge amount of adjustment caster camber and is easy to fix and allows damage to the arm and most of the time to get your arm back in order a cheap compression strut is needed. These two peace arms we would mainly recommend for road race cars that have the means to test and fine tune there car. The second is a solid arms for road or rally these are vary solid and are build to be in stock location and the ability to shim the wheel forward 20mm or more if needed these arms don’t allow for giant rims at high steering angles. The rear mount of this arm is a 1 inch com bearing it is massive! The third is a solid arm as well but with our rear drive set up and more and more people drifting Subaru’s this is a epic option allowing for tons of wheel angle they are not light weight as they are vary thick wall tube to make up for the amount of cut in for high angle.

The next option will be your bearings on the knuckle side of the arms we can sell a pin and bearing that will lower the steering geometry about 1.75 inches and the other option we will press in an aluminum puck that will use the stock Subaru ball joint this will be for cars that don’t have any or a lot of lowing and they wanted strong arms and stock geometry.

We will offer 4 sizes stock GR too 60 mm over and all the arms are adjustable some what but if you have a special application these sizes are for you. We stress AWD cv will not last or work at all over 20mm plus on the car and at 20 that’s a huge risk.

Powdercoat will add time to the order, and we will do any color you imagine some do cost extra just message us or notes in the order.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 5 in