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Lose 15 lbs, gain strength, and correct your rear geometry. These frames are made out of chromoly and are the strongest on the market. Frames are constructed from a functional fixture using the stock sub-frame for an accurate tolerance and fit. The frame is mig welded. These frames come with two link positions, stock and and one inch drop. We suggest using the drop settings for tarmac only.

If we require more time we will be in contact, full refunds are not an issue. If you need it sooner please contact us, we hope to carry stock on hand but with the new part development this might not always be the case.

Powdercoating: We hope to provide a wide range of colors and options for you. This option will add $100, that’s for any color we have on hand or you may provide it. Colors that take more than one coat will cost an additional $50 per added coat.

Extra Chassis Mount: This option corresponds with a prestamped hole in the car and will require some welding to install. This will be a single extra chassis mount that is located at the manufacturer’s stamped center dimple that will have to be drilled through to the inside of the vehicle. Once the hole has been located proceed to enlarge the hole to fit our supplied steel bushing. With a generous amount of anti-seize thread in supplied hardware, tighten all frame and chassis mounts as if for installation. Proceed to layer the two supplied plates and completely tack down before fully welding into place. Doing so will ensure your rear frame does not have any movement. It’s great for drag cars as the shock of launching causes a shudder in the rear of the car. This can also make it easy to tie more of the car together for rally or any other cage sport Subaru.

These frames do touch the tank from the lowered link mount being so close in the stock car rubber hammer of the tank to get to fit with out contact. minute 40 rear frame extra chassis mount and fitting starts.





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Weight 18.5 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 in
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Extra Chassis Mount

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