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This is a 2 inch correction and 1 inch differential correction that will keep stock tank. Though the tank fit is tight and will need a lot of work to get a good smooth install. These frames are even lighter than our standard frames and are 100% Docol construction. If you are going low for a road race or time attack car this is the kit for you! We will not being offering powder-coat for these as we recommend you do test fits and mods to suit your build grommets, mounts, arrow, etc. We can build this kit in poly mount or com bearing solid mounts, also can combo with extra chassis mount for really high HP cars that do hard launching or clutching. This kit also comes with our t bar and integrated trailing arm mounts with the option of XXXL trailing arms for more stability under load. Solid larger drive lines might also need modification as well to clear the tunnel.

Extra Chassis Mount: This option corresponds with a prestamped hole in the car and will require some welding to install. This will be a single extra chassis mount that is located at the manufacturer’s stamped center dimple that will have to be drilled through to the inside of the vehicle. Once the hole has been located proceed to enlarge the hole to fit our supplied steel bushing. With a generous amount of anti-seize thread in supplied hardware, tighten all frame and chassis mounts as if for installation. Proceed to layer the two supplied plates and completely tack down before fully welding into place. Doing so will ensure your rear frame does not have any movement. It’s great for drag cars as the shock of launching causes a shudder in the rear of the car.



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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 20 × 40 in
International Shipping

Yes, No

Diff mounts

Poly Bushing, Solid Bearings

Extra chassis mounting

Yes, No


None, Stock Trailing arms, XXXL arms


No, Yes